About Dan Bailey - danbaileyphoto

A professional photographer since 1996, I am driven by adventure, by what I aspire to experience in life, and by the unexpected ways that if often turns out to be slightly different from what I had anticipated. Photography is my vehicle for adventure, and in reverse, my drive for adventure fuels my photography.

Together, they take me to the places that fascinate me in the world and allow me to create imagery that visually reflects my own personal definition of adventure. I'm attracted to strong, simple subject matter that reflects the beauty and mystery of the greater scene, whether it is a dramatic mountain landscape, a human figure moving through the natural world or a distinct personality in a distant land.

My Print Shop contains a collection of some of my favorite images, and they can be ordered as either custom prints or cards or reproduced on an assortment of fun products.

I personally recommend metal prints and the 5x7 greeting card sets, as the style of imagery represented in these galleries looks incredible in these formats! 

Thanks for checking out my images, please let me know if you have any questions. -Dan